Thank you.

For the past 28 months, we've dedicated 150% of our time and energy to Monospace and today we've made the extremely difficult decision to go offline. We've forged incredible relationships with customers we'd rather call friends, rode a rollercoaster of extreme highs and lows, and learned a whole heck of a lot along the way.
Thank you to everyone who helped us on our journey.
– Adam and Jason
"We took risks, we knew we took them; things have come out against us, and therefore we have no cause for complaint."
– Robert Falcon Scott


The simplest way to provide customer support on social media.

Use Monospace to interact with your customers where they are.


Customer conversions

"What sweatshirt is that in the photo?" "Will this coupon code work for X?" Often times your customers are one simple question away from making a purchase. Don't leave them hanging.

Support-driven analytics

Use real customer support metrics to improve the performance of your team. No more sifting through and skewing marketing reports to find actionable data for improvement.

Advanced filtering

Sometimes finding customer comments that actually require a response is like searching for a needle in a haystack. We have 15 combinable search operators to sift through the noise.


Our "inbox zero" workflow combined with collision detection and assignments enables large teams to engage with customers without stepping on each other's toes or duplicating responses.


Your customers won't always directly mention you when they're talking about you. Stay on top of keywords and phrases that are relevant to your brand - or your competitor's.

Multiple networks

Answer all types of messages and comments from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all in one simple-to-use interface.
More networks coming soon!

10 users
10 accounts
10 listeners
unlimited messages & reports
14-day free trial

Need something different?
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Simple pricing

Expecting more options? Sorry. We're tired of products with confusing grids of limitations, so we created one plan for everyone. Need something different? No problem.
Get in touch and we'll figure out a custom solution.


"The chaos that we sometimes felt using other tools is gone, transformed into a logical layout that allows us to move step by step through what we need to accomplish."

"Monospace is the first social media tool we have used that really seems to understand the necessity of organization around social media responses and tracking for support-oriented companies."

"Our whole team has been loving Monospace, and it's definitely noticeable how much better we're able to triage through customer issues."

"Monospace allows us to maintain a 100% response rate for all inbound comments and questions. Messages would fall through the cracks when we'd try to reply on their native platforms due to interface issues and lack of features for team-based support."

"The Instagram functionality is a game changer. We were using three different tools to accomplish what Monospace does just for Instagram."

"The team has officially made the switch from HootSuite to Monospace full-time. We're really liking the quick and clean workflow - especially the mobile version while we're out of the office. Thanks again, you guys rock!"

Hello, Monospace!