All of your interactions with customers are quantified from the moment you log in to Monospace. Analyze by organization, user, and tag levels. Percentage change is from the previous period equal to the date range you selected in the date picker.


Log in on your phone the same way you do on your computer to access a fully featured mobile version of Monospace and stay on top of social customer support on the go.

History + profiles

It's important to have context on the customers you're speaking with. Every time you click to reply to a message in your inbox, Monospace provides a profile on who you're speaking with, as well as a history of every time they've contacted you since you first logged into Monospace.

Real-time conversation

Providing support on social media is a whole different ball game in terms of expected response times. We've put a lot of hard work into ensuring your messages come into the interface as real time as technically possible.

Multiple networks

Handle all of your brand's social channels in one stream. Integrations with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram means you no longer have to manage multiple profiles on different platforms. Add more networks to your stream by going to Settings > Connections. More networks coming soon.


Our "inbox zero" interface combined with collision detection and assignments enables large teams to engage with customers without stepping on each other's toes or duplicating responses.

Inbox zero

We've taken a new approach to the common social customer support tool and combined all networks into a single stream. When you reply or archive a message, it's removed from your inbox. You can access all messages in the archive or sent folders. Or, create a new custom view of your own to see certain types of messages first.

Collision detection

When you have a larger team, it's easy to accidentally reply to the same message twice. As soon as someone from your team opens a message to reply, a red box will immediately appear over the message letting you know who is replying.

Search operators

You might find yourself looking for a specific message from a certain network or username, or just want to filter certain types of messages. We've built a powerful arsenal of 15 combinable search filters to make sure you find exactly what you need. Use the search operators in your inbox, or save oft-used ones to create your own custom view in Settings > Views. You'll find all search operators with descriptions here.


Use tags to keep tabs on what the overall subject is on the message you received. If done diligently, you can quantify these tags in the Reports > Tags view and start to find bigger issues. Maybe you're getting a lot of shipping questions and your website copy needs some work. Perhaps a lot of people are running into the same bug. Just click the tag icon next to the timestamp on the message and hit return when you're done typing.

Admin privileges

When adding team members, you'll have an option to make them an admin. Currently, it allows them to add more team members and see the billing section, but more features will support this in the future. Account creators are admins by default.


We've found that almost every user of Monospace has an inherent priority of which messages they reply to first, then second, etc. Using our search operators, you can opt to filter messages into certain folders instead of These can be created on a global (for everybody in the organization) or local (just you) level. New views appear under Messages on the left sidebar.


Your customers won't always directly mention you when they're talking about you. Stay on top of keywords and phrases that are relevant to your brand - or your competitor's. Go to Settings > Listeners and add a hashtag, keyword, or a string of words. Make sure to wrap strings in quotations if you need an exact match. The preview box will give you an idea of how many messages you can expect per day. Avoid high volume searches to avoid inbox clutter.


You'll likely find yourself replying to common questions with a similar response. Use templates to save some time instead of typing the same thing over and over. Go to Settings > Templates to create a new template response and it'll appear in your reply view.


Want to add a human element to your replies or keep tabs on who is replying to what? Add short signatures by going to Settings > Account and it'll automatically append to your replies.


We're very much not a marketing or publishing tool, but we understand that sometimes issues arise where you may need to send a tweet or status update to calm the storm and let your customers know you're aware of an issue. Use the blue compose button on the left sidebar to publish a tweet or status update.


Certain people are good are certain things. Assign messages or escalate to other team members within your organization by clicking the user icon on the message. Choose a teammate from the dropdown and then that message will appear in their assigned folder and be removed from everyone's main inbox.

API Access

Have a crazy idea to build on top of Monospace, or just want to integrate your internal tools? Contact us to gain access to our API documentation.


When applicable, we'll add a third tab to your reply window to provide context on what the message is about. You can also click on the timestamp on the message to view the original message natively.


You'll find helpful features via tooltips throughout the app. Hover over the social network icon to find out the type of message (comment, wall post, etc.) and which brand it was intended for if you're managing multiple profiles. Hover over the sent icon in your sent folder to find out who sent a message if you don't use signatures.


Monospace wouldn't be the great product it is today without the feedback and direction from our customers who are live in the trenches of social customer support everyday. If you have a feature you can't live without, please contact us to request it.


Keep Monospace open in a tab and you'll notice the favicon changes and a number is added to the title bar when you have new messages. If you have Monospace open and receive a new message, click the blue bar that appears - no need to refresh.

Have questions? Can't find what you're looking for? E-mail us.